Test Bank (Downloadable files) For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Vechten ISBN: 9781506380353

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Renee B. Van Vechten, ISBN: 9781506380353

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For California Politics A Primer 5th edition By Vechten

Table Of Content

About the Author
Chapter 1: Introduction

Principles for Understanding California Politics

Chapter 2: Critical Junctures

Early California

The Rise of the Southern Pacific Railroad


The Power of Organized Interests

Growth and Industrialization in the Golden State

The Initiative Process Takes Hold

Hyperdiversity in a Modern State

Recalling a Governor

Pushing Ahead with More Reforms

The Return of Jerry Brown

Conclusion: Political Earthquakes and Evolving Institutions

Chapter 3: Direct Democracy

The Statewide Initiative Process

Preparation Stage: Drafting, Public Review, and Titling

Qualification Stage: Circulating Petitions, Gathering Signatures, and Signature Verification

Campaign Stage: Persuading Potential Voters

Postelection Stage: Court Challenges and Implementation

The Power of the Initiative Process



Direct Democracy at the Local Level

Conclusion: The Perils and Promises of Hybrid Democracy

Chapter 4: The State Legislature

Design, Purpose, and Function of the Legislature

California Representatives at Work

Lawmaking and Policymaking

Annual Budgeting

Constituency Service and Outreach

Executive Branch Oversight


Conclusion: Of the People, for the People

Chapter 5: The Executive Branch

California’s Plural Executive

California’s Governor

The Constitutional Executive Officers

Administrators and Regulators

Conclusion: Leading State Government

Chapter 6: The Court System

The Three-Tiered Court System

On and Off the Court

Court Administration

Criminal Justice and Its Costs

Conclusion: Access to Justice

Chapter 7: Other Governments

County Government

Municipal Governments

Special Districts

School Districts

Regional Governments


Tribal Governments

Conclusion: The State’s Interlocking Systems

Chapter 8: The California Budget Process

California Budgeting 101

Mechanics of Budgeting: Revenue

Mechanics of Budgeting: Expenditures, Deficits, and Debt

Political Constraints on Budgeting

Tax Burden: Highest in the Nation?

Conclusion: Budgeting under Variable Conditions

Chapter 9: Political Parties, Elections, and Campaigns

Democratic Stronghold, but Weakly Partisan

Party in the California Electorate

Party in Government

Party Organizations

Party in Informal Networks

Elections: Continuity and Change

California Campaigns

Conclusion: A Complex Electorate

Chapter 10: Political Engagement

Citizens and Politics

Predictors of Political Participation and Disengagement

The Five Californias

News and Media Habits

Types of Political Participation

Major Voting Trends

Special Interest Groups: Indirectly Connecting Citizens to Government

Conclusion: An Evolving Political Community

Chapter 11: Concluding Thoughts