Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing Foundational Skills for a Digital Age By F. Filak ISBN: 9781506344744, ISBN: 9781544339962, ISBN: 9781544332246

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)For Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing Foundational Skills for a Digital Age By Vincent F. Filak, ISBN: 9781506344744, ISBN: 9781544339962, ISBN: 9781544332246

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)For Dynamics of News Reporting and Writing Foundational Skills for a Digital Age By F. Filak

Table Of Cont ent

About the Author
Chapter 1: Audience-Centric Journalism

Media and Media Users Today

Defining Your Audience

What Do We Owe Our Audience?

What Attracts an Audience?

The Big Three

Chapter 2: Critical Thinking

How Do We Think?

The Requirements of Critical Thought

How to Approach a Story as a Critical Thinker

Critical Thought and the Value of Your Questions

The Big Three

Chapter 3: Basics of Writing

A Quick Look at Types of Leads

Identifying Problematic Leads and Potential Fixes

The Inverted Pyramid: Ordering Information After the Lead

Quotes: Letting Your Sources Tell the Story

Attributing Your Information

The Big Three

Chapter 4: Expanded News Writing

Expanding the Inverted Pyramid

Writing With a Narrative Feel

Nonlinear Storytelling

The Big Three

Chapter 5: Social Media

What Is Social Media?

Value of Social Media

Social Media Tools for Your Toolbox


The Big Three

Chapter 6: Interviewing

Critically Thinking About Interviewing’s Purpose

Understanding the Interviewing Basics

Types of Interviews

Other Purposes for Interviews

The Big Three

Chapter 7: Basic Reporting: News That Finds You

Reporting Basics

Event Coverage

Basic Tips for All Event Stories

Stories Beyond Standard Events

The Big Three

Chapter 8: Beyond Basic Reporting: News You Have to Find

The News Feature: How to Find Stories in Everyday Life

Beat Reporting

Personality Profiles

Working as a Watchdog

The Big Three

Chapter 9: Broadcast-Style Writing and Voicing

Broadcast Style: Different, Yet the Same

Script Writing 101

The Basic Elements of Broadcast Structure

Story Types and Formats

The Big Three

Chapter 10: Collecting Audio and Visuals in the Field

Tools of the Trade

Types of Material You Gather

Capturing Vivid Visuals

Making Your Video Valuable

The Big Three

Chapter 11: Editing Audio and Video

Audio Bites Online

Video Bites Online

Pairing Script and Video

Building a Story From Start to Finish

The Big Three

Chapter 12: Law and the Media

Understanding the First Amendment

Law Across Media Platforms: Levels of Protection

Reporter’s Privilege

Let the Sunshine In: Rules for Transparency and Access

Rules for Recording

The Basics of Libel

Defenses Against Libel

Invasion of Privacy

The Big Three

Chapter 13: Ethics

Why Ethics Matter

Basic Approaches to Ethics

Tenets of Journalistic Ethics


The Big Three

APPENDIX A: Using FOCII to Build Your Leads
APPENDIX B: Résumés, Cover Letters and More
APPENDIX C: A Deeper Dig Into FOIA and State Public Records Laws
APPENDIX D: Step-by-Step Editing Processes for Avid, Final Cut and Premier