Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for Economics, 10th Edition, William Boyes, Michael Melvin, ISBN-10: 1285859464, ISBN-13: 9781285859460


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Test Bank for Economics 10th Edition Boyes


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Test Bank for Economics, 10th Edition, William Boyes, Michael Melvin, ISBN-10: 1285859464, ISBN-13: 9781285859460

Table of Contents

1. The Wealth of Nations: Ownership and Economic Freedom.
1A. Working with Graphs.
2. Scarcity and Opportunity Costs.
3. Markets and the Price System.
4. The Aggregate Economy.
5. National Income Accounting.
6. An Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Market and the Balance of Payments.
7. Unemployment and Inflation.
8. Macroeconomic Equilibrium: Aggregate Demand and Supply.
9. Aggregate Expenditures.
9A. An Algebraic Model of Aggregate Expenditures.
10. Income and Expenditures Equilibrium.
10A. An Algebraic Model of Income and Expenditures Equilibrium.
11. Fiscal Policy.
11A. An Algebraic Examination of the Balanced-Budget Change in Fiscal Policy.
12. Money and Banking.
13. Monetary Policy.
14. Macroeconomic Policy: Tradeoffs, Expectations, Credibility, and Sources of Business Cycles.
15. Macroeconomic Viewpoints: New Keynesian, Monetarist, and New Classical.
16. Economic Growth.
17. Development Economics.
18. Globalization.
19. Using Economics to Understand the World Around You.
20. Elasticity: Demand and Supply.
21. Demand: Consumer Choice.
21A. Indifference Analysis.
22. Supply: The Costs of Doing Business.
22A. The Mechanics of Going from Production to Costs.
23. Profit Maximization.
24. Perfect Competition.
25. Monopoly.
26. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly.
27. Markets and Government.
28. Antitrust and Regulation.
29. Resource Markets.
30. The Labor Market.
31. The Capital Market.
32. The Land Market and Natural Resources.
33. Current Issues: Income, Income Distribution, Poverty, and Government Policy.
34. World Trade Equilibrium.
35. International Trade Restrictions.
36. Exchange Rates and Financial Links between Countries.