Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Ethical Practice in the Human Services From Knowing to Being By D. Parsons ISBN: 9781506332918

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Ethical Practice in the Human Services From Knowing to Being By Richard D. Parsons, Karen L. Dickinson, ISBN: 9781506332918

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Ethical Practice in the Human Services From Knowing to Being By D. Parsons

Table Of Content

Part One: Helping: The Role and Influence of the Helper
Chapter 1: Ethics – Core to Professional Helping

The Helping Process: A Blending of Art and Science

The Helping Process: The Meeting of Client and Helper

The Role of the Client in the Process of Change

The Role of the Helper in the Process of Change

Chapter 2: Helper Variables: What the Helper Brings to the Helping Relationship

Helper Values

Helper Competence: Beyond Knowledge and Skill

The Ethics of Therapeutic Choice

Professionalization, Professional Ethics, and Personal Response

Chapter 3: Ethical Standards: Guidelines for Helping Others

Formal Ethical Standards: The Evolution of a Profession

Across the Professions: A Review of Ethical Standards of Practice

Common Concerns and Shared Values Across the Professions

Beyond Knowing – A Call to BEING Ethical

Chapter 4: Ethical Practice in an Increasingly Diverse World

Prejudice – Pervasive In and Throughout the Helping Profession

Responding to the Challenge

Part Two: Ethics and Standards of Practice: The Professions’
Chapter 5: Ethics and the Law

The Helping Process as a Legal Contract

The Legal Foundation of Ethical Practice

When Ethics and Legalities Collide

Chapter 6: Conflict: The Reality of ‘Being’ Ethical within the Real World

Serving the Individual within a System

Ethical Culture of Social Systems

Who Is the Client?

Chapter 7: Ethical Decision Making

Codes of Ethics – Guides not Prescriptions

Ethical Decision Making: A Range of Models

Common Elements: An Integrated Approach to Ethical Decision Making

Part Three: Applying Ethical Standards
Chapter 8: Informed Consent

The Rationale for Informed Consent

Informed Consent across the Profession

Special Challenges to Informing for Consent

Chapter 9: Confidentiality

Confidentiality: What and When Warranted?

Legal Decisions: Confidentiality and Privileged Communications

Chapter 10: Boundaries and the Use of Power

Setting and Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Professional Objectivity: Essential to Professional Boundaries

Legal Decisions

Chapter 11: Efficacy of Treatment

Practicing Within the Realm of Competence

Professional Development: Knowing the State of the Profession

The Standard of Care: Appropriate Treatment

Employing an Action Research Approach to Practice

The Use of Referral

Recent Legal Decisions

Chapter 12: Evaluation and Accountability

Monitoring and Evaluating Intervention Effects

Recent Legal Decisions

Chapter 13: Ethical Challenges Working with Groups, Couples and Families

Competency to Practice

Identifying the “Client”

Informed Consent



Responsibility: Client Welfare

Chapter 14: Competence and the Ethics of Self-Care

Competency: More than Knowledge and Skill


Compassion Fatigue

The Ethical Challenge

Ethical Response