Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for Experiencing MIS, 4th Canadian Edition, David M. Kroenke, ISBN-10: 0133768872, ISBN-13: 9780133768879


David M. Kroenke

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Test Bank for Experiencing MIS 4th Canadian Edition Kroenke


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Test Bank for Experiencing MIS, 4th Canadian Edition, David M. Kroenke, Andrew Gemino, Peter Tingling, ISBN-10: 0133768872, ISBN-13: 9780133768879

Table of Contents

Part 1 MIS and You
1 Information Systems and You
2 Business Process, Management, and Decision Making
3 Productivity, Innovation, and Strategy

Part 2 Using Information Technology
4 Hardware and Software
5 Database and Content Management
6 Networks and Collaboration

Part 3 Achieving Competitive Advantage
7 Competitive Advantage and Business Processes
8 Decision Making and Business Intelligence
9 E-commerce, Social Networking, and Web 2.0

Part 4 Information Systems Management
10 Acquiring Information Systems through Projects
11 Structure, Governance, and Ethics
12 Managing Information Security and Privacy