Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 3rd Edition By Oberg ISBN-10: 130594559X, ISBN-13: 9781305945593

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 3rd Edition By Doreen Villemaire Oberg, Lorraine Villemaire, ISBN-10: 130594559X, ISBN-13: 9781305945593

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)  for Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 3rd Edition By Oberg


Section 1: Noun. Noun plurals. Function of nouns. Medical Assisting Creed of the AAMA statement of beliefs. Medical office correspondence.
Section 2: Pronouns. Personal pronouns. Reflexive. Relative. Indefinite. Interrogative. Demonstrative. Pronoun-antecedent. Commonly confused pronouns. Office memorandum/memo. Email.
Section 3: Verbs. Action. Being. Main verbs and helping verbs. Linking verbs. Transitive and intransitive. Gerunds. Infinitives. Verb tense. Regular and irregular verbs. Confusing and troublesome verbs. Use of verb tense. Voices of verbs. Moods of verbs. The Medical Record/Electronic Health Record (HER)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Accreditation of Health Care Facilities. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Section 4: Adjectives. Limiting. Interrogative and proper adjectives. Predicate and compound adjectives. Descriptive adjective. Degrees of adjectives. Troublesome adjectives. Eponyms. Medical reports. Radiology. Pathology. Discharge. Operative.
Section 5: Adverbs. Adverbs as modifiers. Degrees of comparison. Irregular adverbs. Changing adjectives into adverbs. Negative adverbs. Double negatives. Placement of adverbs. Troublesome adverbs. Fax. Phone courtesy. Messages. Minutes of a meeting.
Section 6: The Sentence. Components. Independent and dependent clause. Phrases. Types of sentences. Classification of sentences. Effective sentences. Progress notes, charting.
Section 7: Punctuation. Period. Exclamation mark. Question mark. Comma. Semi-colon. Parenthesis. Dash. Hyphen. Apostrophe. Quotation marks. Medical reports. History and physical. Consultation.
Section 8: Preposition, conjunction and paragraph. Compound prepositions. Prepositional modifiers. Problematic prepositions. Coordinating conjunctions. Correlative conjunctions. Subordinating conjunctions. Paragraphs types. Structure of the paragraph. Paragraph organization. Medical writing. Manuscripts and research. APA style. Promotional writing.
Section 9: Writing process. Prewriting. Writing and rewriting. Proofreading for final draft.
Section 10: The Resume. Essentials of the resume/work-up. Contact information. Related skills. Education/awards/honors. Certification. Memberships/conferences. References. Objective. Keywords. Three types of resumes. Chronological resume. Functional resume. Hybrid/combination resume. Cover letter.
Section 11: Appendix. Spelling rules. Capitalization rules. Number use. Clichés. Titles and salutations. Use of a thesaurus. Use of the English dictionary. Use of the medical dictionary.