Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for Integrated Marketing Communications, 5th Edition, Bill Chitty, ISBN 9780170386517


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Test Bank for Integrated Marketing Communications 5th Edition Chitty


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Test Bank for Integrated Marketing Communications, 5th Edition, Bill Chitty, Edwina Luck, Nigel Barker, Anne-Marie Sassenberg, Terence A. Shimp, J. Craig Andrews, ISBN 9780170386517

Table of Contents

Part 1: Integrated marketing communications – a conceptual framework
1. Integrated marketing communications and brand equity enhancement
2. The communication process
3. Persuasion in marketing communications
4. Market segmentation and brand positioning
Part 1 case studies

Part 2: Managing and planning for integrated marketing communications
5. Establishing objectives and budgeting for IMC campaigns
6. Developing message strategies
7. Media planning and analysis
Part 2 case studies

Part 3: Media channels and IMC elements
8. Broadcast media
9. Print and support media
10. Digital and social media marketing
11. Direct marketing and Sales promotion
12. Personal selling and relationship marketing
13. Marketing public relations and sponsorship marketing
Part 3 case studies

Part 4: Evaluating integrated marketing communications
14. Evaluating integrated marketing communication effectiveness
Appendix to Chapter 14: IMC Plan (online)