Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for International Business, Global Edition, 15th Edition, John D. Daniels, ISBN-10: 1292016795, ISBN-13: 9781292016795


John D. Daniels

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Test Bank for International Business Global Edition 15th Edition Daniels


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Test Bank for International Business, Global Edition, 15th Edition, John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh, Daniel Sullivan, ISBN-10: 1292016795, ISBN-13: 9781292016795

Table of Contents

I. Background for International Business
1. Globalization and International Business
An Atlas

II. Comparative Environmental Frameworks
2. The Cultural Environments Facing Business
3. The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business
4. The Economic Environments Facing Businesses

III. Theories and Institutions: Trade and Investment
5. International Trade and Factor-Mobility Theory
6. Governmental Influence on Trade
7. Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements

IV. World Financial Environment
8. Global Foreign-Exchange Markets
9. The Determination of Exchange Rates
10. Global Capital Markets

V. Global Strategy, Structure, and Implementation
11. Globalization and Society
12. The Strategy of International Business
13. Country Evaluation and Selection
14. Export and Import
15. Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies
16. The Organization of International Business

VI. Managing International Operations
17. Marketing Globally
18. Global Manufacturing and Supply-Chain Management
19. International Accounting and Finance Issues
20. International Human Resource Management