Test Bank (Downloadable files) For International Economics 4th Edition| ©2017 by C. Feenstra ISBN:9781319068912

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)  For International Economics 4th Edition| ©2017 by Robert C. Feenstra,Alan M. Taylor, ISBN:9781319068912

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For International Economics 4th Edition| ©2017 by C. Feenstra

Table of Contents

PART 1 Introduction to International TradeChapter 1 Trade in the Global EconomyPART 2 Patterns of International TradeChapter 2 Trade and Technology: The Ricardian ModelChapter 3 Gains and Losses from Trade in the Specific-Factors ModelChapter 4 Trade and Resources: The Heckscher-Ohlin ModelChapter 5 Movement of Labor and Capital between CountriesPART 3 New Explanations for International TradeChapter 6 Increasing Returns to Scale and Monopolistic CompetitionChapter 7 Offshoring of Goods and ServicesPART 4 International Trade PoliciesChapter 8 Import Tariffs and Quotas under Perfect CompetitionChapter 9 Import Tariffs and Quotas under Imperfect CompetitionChapter 10 Export Subsidies in Agriculture and High-Technology IndustriesChapter 11 International Agreements: Trade, Labor, and the EnvironmentPART 5 Introduction to International MacroeconomicsChapter 12 The Global MacroeconomyPART 6 Exchange RatesChapter 13 Introduction to Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange MarketChapter 14 Exchange Rates I: The Monetary Approach in the Long RunChapter 15 Exchange Rates II: The Asset Approach in the Short RunPART 7 The Balance of PaymentsChapter 16 National and International Accounts: Income, Wealth, and the Balance of PaymentsChapter 17 Balance of Payments I: The Gains from Financial GlobalizationChapter 18 Balance of Payments II: Output, Exchange Rates, and Macroeconomic Policies in the Short RunPART 8 Applications and Policy IssuesChapter 19 Fixed versus Floating: International Monetary ExperienceChapter 20 Exchange Rate Crises: How Pegs Work and How They BreakChapter 21 The Euro[web only – Chapter 22 Topics in international Macroeconomics]