Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Managing Opernk, Steven Melnyk, Janet L. Hartley, M. Bixby Cooper, ISBN 10: 1260239462, ISBN 13: 9781260239461

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Managing Opernk, Steven Melnyk, Janet L. Hartley, M. Bixby Cooper, ISBN 10: 1260239462, ISBN 13: 9781260239461

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Managing Opernk, Steven Melnyk, Janet L. Hartley, M. Bixby Cooper, ISBN 10: 1260239462, ISBN 13: 9781260239461

Table of Content

Ch. 1 Introduction to Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain
Ch. 2 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
Ch. 3 Managing Processes and Capacity
Ch. 3a Process Mapping and Analysis
Ch. 4 Product/Process Innovation
Ch. 5 Manufacturing and Service Process Structures
Ch. 6 Managing Quality
Ch. 6a Quality Improvement Tools
Ch. 7 Managing Inventories
Ch. 8 Lean Systems
Ch. 9 Customer Service Management
Ch. 10 Sourcing and Supply Management
Ch. 11 Logistics Management
Ch. 12 Demand Planning: Forecasting and Demand Management
Ch. 13 Sales and Operations Planning
Ch. 14 Materials and Resource Requirements Planning
Ch. 15 Project Management
Ch. 15a Advanced Methods for Project Scheduling
Ch. 16 Sustainable Operations Management – Preparing for the Future
About the Author

Morgan Swink

Morgan Swink is Professor, Eunice and James L. West Chair of Supply Chain Management, and Executive Director of the Center for Supply Chain Innovation at the Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, an MBA from the University of Dallas, and a PhD in Operations Management from Indiana University. Before becoming a professor, Dr. Swink worked for 10 years in a variety of manufacturing and product development positions at Texas Instruments Incorporated. He has co-authored three books and published over 75 articles in a variety of academic and managerial journals. Dr. Swink is formerly the Co-Editor in Chief for the Journal of Operations Management and past president of the Decision Sciences Institute.

Steven Melnyk

Steven Melnyk is Professor of Operations Management at Michigan State University. Dr. Melnyk obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Windsor and his doctorate from the Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario. He has co-authored 17 books focusing on operations and the supply chain and has published 90 refereed articles in numerous international and national journals. He is Associate Editor for the Journal of Business Logistics. He also is a member of the editorial advisory board for the Production and Inventory Management Journal, the Journal of Supply Chain Management, and the International Journal of Production Research. Dr. Melnyk is co-editor (North America) for the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Dr. Melynk has consulted with over 60 companies. He has also served as a member of the APICS Board of Directors (2014–2016) and the APICS leadership team (2015).

Janet L. Hartley

Janet L. Hartley is Professor and Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute of the Department of Management at Bowling Green State University. She received her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and the MBA and PhD degrees in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to graduate school, she developed new products and designed new manufacturing processes for the Clorox Company. She has published over 28 articles on supply management and supply chain management. She serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Logistics, and Journal of Supply Chain Management.

M. Bixby Cooper

Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. He is co author of three texts on distribution and logistics, including World Class Logistics: The Challenge of Managing Continuous Change published by the Council of Logistics Management and Strategic Marketing Channel Management published by McGraw Hill. His research has focused on logistics best practices in customer service and in performance measurement. He also served for four years on the Executive Board of the International Customer Service Association as Head of the Research and Education Committee.