Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Microeconomics: Canadian Edition 3rd Edition| ©2018 by Krugman ISBN:9781319192327

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Microeconomics: Canadian Edition 3rd Edition| ©2018 by Paul Krugman,Robin Wells, Iris Au, Jack Parkinson, ISBN:9781319192327

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)  For Microeconomics: Canadian Edition 3rd Edition| ©2018 by Krugman

Table of Contents

Part 1: What Is Economics?
Introduction An Engine for Growth and Discovery
Chapter 1 First Principles
Chapter 2 Economic Models: Trade-offs and Trade
Appendix: Graphs in Economics

Part 2: Supply and Demand
Chapter 3 Supply and Demand
Appendix: The Algebra of Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium
Chapter 4 Consumer and Producer Surplus
Chapter 5 Price Controls and Quotas: Meddling with Markets
Chapter 6 Elasticity
Appendix: The Algebra of Elasticity

Part 3: Individuals and Markets
Chapter 7 Taxes
Chapter 8 International Trade

Part 4: Economics and Decision Making
Chapter 9 Decision Making by Individuals and Firms
Appendix: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Present Value

Part 5: The Consumer
Chapter 10 The Rational Consumer
Appendix: Consumer Preferences and Consumer Choice

Part 6: The Production Decision
Chapter 11 Behind the Supply Curve: Inputs and Costs
Chapter 12 Perfect Competition and the Supply Curve

Part 7: Market Structure: Beyond Perfect Competition
Chapter 13 Monopoly
Chapter 14 Oligopoly
Chapter 15 Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation

Part 8: Microeconomics and Public Policy
Chapter 16 Externalities
Chapter 17 Public Goods and Common Resources
Chapter 18 The Economics of the Welfare State

Part 9: Factor Markets and Risk
Chapter 19 Factor Markets and the Distribution of Income
Appendix Indifference Curve Analysis of Labour Supply
Chapter 20 Uncertainty, Risk, and Private Information