Test Bank (Downloadable Files) for Microeconomics in Modules, 4th Edition, Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, ISBN-10: 1464187002, ISBN-13: 9781464187001


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Test Bank for Microeconomics in Modules 4th Edition Krugman


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Test Bank for Microeconomics in Modules, 4th Edition, Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, ISBN-10: 1464187002, ISBN-13: 9781464187001

Table of Contents

Section 1: Basic Economic Concepts

Module 1: The Study of Economics

Module 2: Models and the Production Possibility Frontier

Module 3: Comparative Advantage and Trade

Module 4: The Circular Flow Diagram

Section 1A: Graphing Appendix

Section 2: Supply and Demand

Module 5: Demand

Module 6: Supply and Equilibrium

Module 7: Changes in Equilibrium

Section 3: Market Efficiency and Government Policy

Module 8: Consumer and Producer Surplus

Module 9: Efficiency and Markets

Module 10: Price Controls (Ceilings and Floors)

Section 4: Elasticity and Law of Demand

Module 11: Defining and Measuring Elasticity

Module 12: Interpreting Price Elasticity of Demand

Module 13: Other Elasticities

Module 14: The Benefits and Costs of Taxation

Section 5: International Trade

Module 15: Gains from Trade

Module 16: Supply, Demand, and International Trade

Section 6: Economics and Decision Making

Module 17: Making Decisions

Module 18: Behavioral Economics

Module 19: Maximizing Utility

Section 7: Production and Costs

Module 20: The Production Function

Module 21: Firm Costs

Module 22: Long-Run Costs and Economies of Scale

Section 8: Market Structure and Perfect Competition

Module 23: Introduction to Market Structure

Module 24: Perfect Competition

Module 25: Graphing Perfect Competition

Module 26: Long-Run Outcomes in Perfect Competition

Section 9: Monopoly

Module 27: Monopoly in Practice

Module 28: Monopoly and Public Policy

Module 29: Price Discrimination

Section 10: Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition

Module 30: Oligopoly

Module 31: Game Theory

Module 32: Monopolistic Competition

Module 33: Product Differentiation and Advertising

Section 11: Market Failure and the Role of Government

Module 34: Externalities

Module 35: Externalities and Public Policy

Module 36: Public Goods and Common Resources

Section 12: Factor Markets and the Distribution of Income

Module 37: The Economics of Information

Module 38: Factor Markets

Module 39: Marginal Productivity Theory

Module 40: The Market for Labor

Module 41: The Economics of the Welfare State