Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Speech Craft 1st Edition| ©2018 by Gunn ISBN:9781319064853


Test Bank (Downloadable files) For Speech Craft 1st Edition| ©2018 by Joshua Gunn, ISBN:9781319064853

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Test Bank (Downloadable files)  For Speech Craft 1st Edition| ©2018 by Gunn

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building Confidence in the Craft

The Celebrated and Feared Power of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Digital Dive: A First Teacher of Public Speaking: Gorgias

High Anxiety: The Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking as a Civic Conversation

The Craft of Speech

Getting Up There: Fake it Until You Make It

Basic Speech Prep and Delivery

Let’s Do This!

Chapter 2: Listening and & Ethics of Speech

Speaking with an Open Ear

Communication and Understanding: Listening beyond Noise

An Ethics of Speaking As a Listener

Digital Dive: Plagiarism is Just Plain Nasty

Chapter 3: Audience Analysis

Checking Out Your Speech Location

Who Is Your Audience?

Digital Dive: Appealing to Audience of All Ages

Gathering Info about Your Audience

Audience Psychology: Identification and Core Values

Audience Psychology: All You Need is Love (and Identification)

Feelings: More on Audience Disposition

Chapter 4: Choosing a Speech Topic and Purpose

Developing a Dynamite Topic

Mind Storm: Concept Mapping and Other Explosives

Digital Dive: Finding Your Inspiration

Narrowing your Topic: What’s Your Purpose?

From Topic to Thesis

Chapter 5: Researching Your Speech Topic

Why Research Matters

How to Research a Speech

Digital Dive: The Three Hecks of Internet Source Reliability

Don’t Forget to Cite Your Sources!

Chapter 6: Supporting Materials & Contextual Reasoning

Types of Speech Support

Digital Dive: Examining Testimony

Contextual Reasoning

Chapter 7: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech

Organizing Your Speech

Outlining Your Speech

Digital Dive: Outlining Challenge! To Selfie or Not To Selfie?

Chapter 8: Transitions, Introductions, & Conclusions

Introducing Your Speech


Digital Dive: Conclusions about Conclusions

Concluding Your Speech

Chapter 9: Style & Language

What is Style?

Choosing Your Words

On Rhythm and Word Choice

Digital Dive: The Effect of Repetition and Rhythm

Using Language that Uses Us: Cultivating Awareness

Chapter 10: Style and Delivery

Nonverbal Communication and Tone

Body Language

Digital Dive: From Where You Say It: Feeling Accents and Dialects

…And a Good Pair of Shoes: Grooming and Dressing to Speak

Chapter 11: Presentation Aids

Enhancing Your Speech Using Presentation Aids

Preparation and Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Software: Slides, Slides, Slides!

Digital Dive: Understanding the Slide

Chapter 12: Understanding Speech Genres

What are Speech Genres?

On Breaking the Rules: Genre Violation

Chapter 13: Celebratory Speaking

Celebrating Your Community

Types of Celebratory Speeches

Digital Dive: The Toast: The Ubiquitous Speech of Honor and Goodwill

Chapter 14: Informative Speaking

The Informing Genre

Digital Dive: Is There Any Speech that is Not Persuasive?

Tips for Informing

Chapter 15: Persuasive Speaking

Understanding Persuasion

The Persuasive Appeal

Digital Dive: Using Aristotle’s Triangle to Analyze Speeches

Chapter 16: Making Arguments

What’s an Argument?

Digital Dive: Claim vs. Thesis

Organizing Persuasive Speeches

Chapter 17: Speaking in the Workplace

Speaking for Your Vocation

Speaking at Work

Interviewing for a Job

Digital Dive: Ethical Considerations for Speaking in the Workplace

Chapter 18: Speaking Online

Understanding Online Presentations: Purpose and Type

Adapting to the Amorphous Audience

Conducting Online Presentations

Digital Dive: Tips for Do-It-Yourself Home Video Lighting

Public or Private? It’s Hard to Say

Chapter 19: Speaking for Social Change

Public Speaking and Social Movements

Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience

Digital Dive: Arresting Developments: Protesting and the Police

Speech, Not Swords: The Humane Alternative of Public Speaking