Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Understanding Nutrition, 15th Edition By Whitney ISBN-10: 1337556238, ISBN-13: 9781337556231

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Understanding Nutrition, 15th Edition By Eleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes, ISBN-10: 1337556238, ISBN-13: 9781337556231

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Test Bank (Downloadable files) for Understanding Nutrition, 15th Edition By Whitney


1. An Overview of Nutrition.
Highlight 1: Nutrition Information and Misinformation.
2. Planning a Healthy Diet.
Highlight 2: Vegetarian Diets.
3. Digestion, Absorption and Transport.
Highlight 3: Common Digestive Problems.
4. The Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches and Fibers.
Highlight 4: Carbs, kCalories and Controversies.
5. The Lipids: Triglycerides, Phospholipids and Sterols.
Highlight 5: High-Fat Foods — Friend or Foe?
6. Protein: Amino Acids.
Highlight 6: Nutritional Genomics.
7. Energy Metabolism.
Highlight 7: Alcohol in the Body.
8. Energy Balance and Body Composition.
Highlight 8: Eating Disorders.
9. Weight Management: Overweight, Obesity and Underweight.
Highlight 9: The Latest and Greatest Weight-Loss Diet — Again.
10. The Water-Soluble Vitamins: B Vitamins and Vitamin C.
Highlight 10: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.
11. The Fat-Soluble Vitamins, A, D, E and K.
Highlight 11: Antioxidant Nutrients in Disease Prevention.
12. Water and the Major Minerals.
Highlight 12: Osteoporosis and Calcium.
13. The Trace Minerals.
Highlight 13: Phytochemicals and Functional Foods.
14. Fitness: Physical Activity, Nutrients and Body Adaptations.
Highlight 14: Supplements as Ergogenic Aids.
15. Life Cycle Nutrition: Pregnancy and Lactation.
Highlight 15: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
16. Life Cycle Nutrition: Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence.
Highlight 16: Childhood Obesity and the Early Development of Chronic Diseases.
17. Life Cycle Nutrition: Adulthood and the Later Years.
Highlight 17: Nutrient-Drug Interactions.
18. Diet and Health.
Highlight 18: Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
19. Consumer Concerns About Foods and Water.
Highlight 19: Food Biotechnology.
20. Hunger and the Global Environment.
Highlight 20: Environmentally Friendly Food Choices.
Appendix A: Cells, Hormones and Nerves.
Appendix B: Basic Chemistry Concepts.
Appendix C: Biochemical Structures and Pathways.
Appendix D: Measures of Protein Quality.
Appendix E: Nutrition Assessment.
Appendix F: Estimated Energy Needs.
Appendix G: Choose Your Foods: Food Lists for Diabetes and Weight Management.
Appendix H: Aids to Calculation.
Appendix I: WHO Nutrition Recommendations.
Appendix J: Healthy People 2020.